ubcFLOW Biosafety

ubcFLOW biosafety policy: September 2014

  • All users must have the ubcFLOW facility listed on their biosafety certificate.
  • We assume that all samples are Class 1/2 biohazard, but we need to be informed of any biosafety issue that we need to be aware of for special decontamination.
  • All users of the facility must attend a training session held monthly by the facility staff
  • All Principle Investigators whose lab uses the ubcFLOW facility are responsible for ensuring that their studenst have attended a training session and are aware of the biosafety rules and SOP.
  • All samples brought into the facility must be enclosed¬†within a double¬†boxed container to prevent spills, as outline by UBC Biosafety policy.
  • All sample waste must be removed from the ubcFLOW facility, with the exception of the liquid waste analysed by the instrument; the ubcFLOW staff will handle this.