Grant Review of Flow Cytometry Data


The ubcFLOW cytometry facility would like to offer a new service, at no cost to the researcher. We would like people to send data that they have acquired by flow cytometry and are considering to submit for a grant application or publication. This would allow the facility to review your figures and make sure that you are sending out the correct message in the data.Flow cytometry is a powerful tool that can generate a lot of data and sometimes the researcher is focused on the results, rather than what can be interpreted from the data.The majority of data has also been produced by students in your lab and this is our opportunity to double check their analysis and offer support if required.The majority of data is fine, but can sometimes be improved. With perfect data presentation, the reviewers can focus on the rest of the proposal, so one less question to answer.

Only the flow component and figure will be analysed and possibly improved to give you a strengthened application.

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