Advanced Multi-Colour Flow Cytometry Course

The course organizers wish to thank both our corporate sponsors BD Biosciences and eBiosciences for their continuted support in making this such a successful course and a great learning experience for all participants!
For the past five years, the UBC FLOW facility has been running advanced flow cytometry courses for various research networks across Canada; for example, the Stem Cell Network and Allergen Network. In June 2010 we opened the course up to all students across Canada and invited collaborating labs from the US. With the success of these previous years, we are now making the course available to everyone. During the advanced flow cytometry course, we provide instruction on the necessary techniques and skills to enable students to move comfortably from 3 colours on an analog instrument to handling multi-colour staining (more than 6 colours) from a variety of samples; thymus, cell lines, muscle and spleen to name a few. We focus 90% of the course on running the instruments in small groups, to enable the students to gain as much hands-on experience as possible. This allows students to come to the course with very little experience and leave with the confidence to take their flow experiments to the next level. Take this opportunity to combine a flow cytometry course with a visit to Beautiful British Columbia at the peak of the ski season. Register Now!



• Location – University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada  

Courses offered on an ongoing basis throughout the year


• Registration fee includes lunches and course banquette


• University accommodation can be arranged on request


Applicants: This course is aimed at people new to flow cytometry, with no experience, through to people who are starting to consider using more colours in their experiments; or who have been self taught and missed out learning the basic fundamentals of flow cytometry. In the past, people have come with no experience and walked away comfortable doing 8 colour flow cytometry.


Course aim: To enable people to be comfortable with flow cytometry samples and fully understand the problems, fixes and trouble shooting strategies to produce high quality flow data ready for publication.


Topics covered:
• Instrument QC and optimization.
• Compensation in a multi-colour world.
• Fluorochrome pairing and making the most of the colours.
• Apoptosis, CBA, BrdU, Cell Cycle assays.
• Trouble shooting different samples/tissues.
• 8+ colour analysis. • Introduction to cell sorting.*
• Auto-fluoresence – understanding what is real.
• Producing good flow data and avoiding the simple mistakes.
* specialized training in cell sorting can be arrange for time before or after the course date, using the BD Influx, Aria or DiVa cell sorters. Only the basics can be covered in a group session. Instruments: BD Aria, BD LSRII, BD Canto, BD Fortessa & BD DiVa





“Not only did we get our hands on all of the types of machines readily available in our own labs but we had a good balance of oral presentations and practical training. We had sessions on problem solving and, more importantly, learned the art of compensation which lies at the heart of a good versus bad experiment. It was an excellent course.” Dr. Patti Benveniste, Research Associate, TMDT MaRS Institute, Toronto – 2007 Course –