3 DAY CyTOF course

UBCflow CyTOF course

Dates and Prices TBA

UBCflow will be hosting our first CyTOF training course open to any new user, or potential new user.  It will be an intense 3 day course that will cover everything you need to know to start using the CyTOF

  • Sample preparation and trouble shooting to get the best sample
  • Instrument QC and performance checking
  • Panel design: the correct metals to choose
  • Data analysis: making sense of all this data.

We will be working with fluidigm to run this course, but the hands on parts will be covered by UBCflow staff who have considerable experience with the day to day problems with different sample types; blood, cultured cells, digested tissue etc..

Day1: Sample preparation and checking recovery and viability.  Staining and running samples.

Day2: Panel design, sample prep and staining.  MaxPar conjugation kits.  Data analysis.

Day3: A focused user group bringing together advanced analysis and discussions from current users and external experts in this field.