3 day Cell Analysis Course April 25-27th 2018

10.00am – 4.00pm Wednesday through Friday


Course cost $500.00.  12 places available

Building on the 1 day short course, we have a  3 day course to learn about flow. We will start with the basics and get more complex to allow you to walk away feeling confident that you know what to do.  A great opportunity to play with flow for three solid days and cover everything that there is to know.


  • Small groups of 3 per instrument working through challenges.
  • Instrument maintenance, trouble shooting and general up keep.
  • QC choices and keeping standards high day after day.
  • Compensation 6+ colours
  • Complex analysis and gating controls
  • Cell sorting basic and assays
  • QC and advanced analysis
For the past ten years, the UBC FLOW facility has been running advanced flow cytometry courses for various research networks across Canada; for example, the Stem Cell Network and Allergen Network. We opened the course up to all students across Canada and the world.  During the advanced flow cytometry course, we provide instruction on the necessary techniques and skills to enable students to move comfortably to the next level.