Welcome to ubcFLOW.

The ubcFLOW cytometry facility was established over fifteen years ago and has been growing each year. We started with a single cell sorter and cell analyser and have expanded to four high end cell sorters and seven analysers, all equipped with multiple laser and detectors to accommodate the variety of work performed at UBC.  We now offer a state of the art facility with a range of instruments that can truly compete with any facility around the world.  

The aim of the facility is to educate and promote researchers in the technique of flow cytometry and now CyTOF, as it can be applied to many different fields, providing a valuable tool that many researchers were not aware of. We provide full training, application development and support; allowing someone new to flow cytometry or CyTOF to take their idea from an initial hypothesis through to publication.  When we combine this with the experience of the facility, we are able to offer the application of flow cytometry to over 80 research groups at UBC and metro Vancouver.

Due to our level of expertise in the field we are able to provide consulting and analysis services to all users.  We maintain our instruments to a Research Level QC (monitored) or a Clinical Grade QC (documented) depending on the use of piece of equipment.  The facility is open to everyone, academic, industry, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.  All our welcome to use the facility through the fee paying structure..

We are located across the U.B.C. campus at two locations:

The Biomedical Research Centre (2222 Health Sciences Mall, UBC, V6T 1Z3) and the Life Science Centre (2350 Health Sciences Mall, UBC, V6T 1Z3)